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Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison

"...Reaching your head with the cold,

sudden fury of a divine messenger

let me tell you about hearthache and the loss of god , 

wandering, wandering in hopeless night,

out here in the perimeter, there are no stars , 

out here we is stoned Immaculate"

Stoned Immaculate lyrics, by Jim Morrison

Born the 8 december like Jim, we are both born on the day of the immaculate conception, which inspired my first brand "IMMACULATE DECEMBER" . Immaculate has become a tone in Lord SM creations. A way of mixing all shades of white on the same design . 

IMMACULATE JEAN JACKET . Jim embroidered with leather on cotton  .

JIM TAIL JACKET . Jim embroidered with leather on cotton.

Vintage silk dress , printed of shamanic feathers by P. CARDIN and reprinted of Jim's face by Lord SM. 

The Shaman Dress, is a reminissence of a trip in the golden red canyons . The the fox is hot like the sunrise of Monument valley . The braids along the back and joined on the waist give more amerindian spirit to the piece. 


Military shirt , handmade print by Lord SM Paris 


Patchwork Scarf and pink leather bag , with shinny light pink Swarovski strass rivers. 

The sixties and the LSD have brought a psychedelic power of a multi-color culture, rising up for Peace. The message of those hippies, Jim Morrison was part of, was "make love, not war" 

The patchwork scarves of Lord SM are meaning the same. All the mix of those colors and prints are made to make you dream and travel around the world. The second and not less important meaning of them, is that they represent our modern societies. All the cultures and traditions are mixed, living together, side by side. The more i mix different prints and colors, the coolest the scarves are. I wish it was the same between human beings.  

Leather patchwork bag, square shape , with jim's face printed on a piece of deer  

One of the firsts jacket made by Lord SM Paris . Vintage Corleone white denim jacket , re-styled in the navy look . Jim was the son of a marine officer. He suffered a lot of all the movings from a place to another, always in the same military atmosphere, leaving one base for another one... impossible to fix any kind of relation ships with the others. Jim was a real lonely soul, finding some company with Rimbaud or Nietzsche ...

The Shaman Dress, was wore by Nicole Wagner Dit Reinhardt, pour le defilé Lord SM Paris at the Concours National des Jeunes Créateurs, organized by les Arts d'avant-garde.

Singer of the music band Madame Leny, Nicole and her musicien Matthias have finished and offered for the show, their precious piece of music "FATAR" 

Vintage deer dress, all transformed in a cool marcel shape, and reprinted with some venice beach palms, and jim's words.


Amerindian Big chief.  surroundings by amerindian culture, it has inspired Jim a lot .