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Lord SM Story

Lord SM propose une couture ‘free style’ faite de beaucoup de réccuperation et transformation de vetements et tissus déja existants, qui portent une âme . 

Tout part d’un mélange de moulage , de customisation et de coupe, retranscrivant des sources d’inspirations variées, telles que la musique , le cinéma ,l’histoire, le Rock , et la richesse ethnique du monde entier. 


 le réccup est devenue la force du style Lord SM, qui n’a pas choisi entre deux genres, deux styles ou deux gammes de prix. 

La marque propose des créations pour hommes, femmes , (meme pour les Kids) , dans un style allant du rock au ethnique, du dandy chic au trash ,en passant par le militaire , et une gamme de prix qui commence à 80€ pour monter jusqu’a 3800€ ...

Des vestes uniques et sur mesure , des robes en soie à l’effigie du Rock, des écharpes en patchworks multi-ethniques et audacieux.

 F.Pagny a défini le style Lord SM comme «STEAM PUNK».

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After two years in fine arts, Solenne Menger, founder of the brand Lord SM, follows the fashion design course at ESMOD Paris and discovers the world of fashion through internships at Dior, Castelbajac, Cerruti, the trends Trend-office Union, or the very talented Libertin Louison.

In 2000, during her studies, she created her first name "Immaculate December," sold at Martin in Paris.

With a childhood rocked the art world from the maternal side, her textile design is triggered by réccuperation sewing boxes and hats of his grandmother, all filled with treasures, it naturally will use to customize jeans, creating bags and accessories ....

To the conventional sewing methods that she apply only at school ,she prefers stitching 'free style' permitted by reccuperation and transformation of already existing things, wearing a soul.

A molding mixture and customization, transcribing various sources of inspiration, such as music, film, history, Rock in all its states, and ethnic richness of the world.

By dint of working with the means of recycling, has become the strength of the style of a designer who did not want to choose sides between two kinds, luxury and cheap, neither men or women 

You'll understand, Lord SM, created in 2009, offers designs for all kinds , even for the Kids.

Unique and tailored jackets, silk dresses with the effigy of Rock best ever! and patchwork scraves, in multi-ethnic and bold. Kitsch without bad taste!

No collections each season, but a permanent creation of new works, as great finds.

Lord SM, it is also a character, whose motto is "NO overconsumption!", A "GREEN" approach against mass production, and the principle of change style whenever the dictates of the society decides.

With timeless style, as inspired by classics of the past, revisited; the Lord SM parts are worn year after year, often multi-season and making trusts imposed trends. Why look like its neighbors, with "flash in the pan" whose looks we get tired at the end of the season?

The reccup, yes! but above all noble and natural materials !!!

Never synthetic (not green!) Lord SM concept is to create luxury with falls, cotton, precious lace, leather, skins, furs, silks, cashmere, old buttons and stripes ... all mottled flea in thrift stores, flea markets, and traditional military surplus market in the tours.

Manufacture exclusively Paris, these unique pieces or limited series, vintage preserves dimension of a creation which nevertheless comes just from the oven.